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★ Customer Testimonials

We Let Our Customers Speak For Us

1621 reviews

Rubs in quickly. Is not sticky or greasy. Hands feel soft and smooth. Nice fragrance.

Excellent product for pain management

This product works! I have shared it with friends and family who suffer from chronic pain and they all have enjoyed pain relief when using this product. It is not a cure, but it helps manage muscle cramps, aches and pain with natural, non pharmaceutical ingredients. Luv it!

Super Quick & Super Effective

First, the shipping. I ordered my products on the Sunday before Christmas. I wasn’t actually expecting it to arrive before Christmas since it was such a last minute order and live over 2 hours away, but I got my products on Tuesday! Fastest shipping I’ve ever received, very impressed.
2nd, I got the pain relief + cbd, as well as the pain relief massager. I recently had scope surgery with lots of repairs so it’s been an uncomfortable recovery. These products have been a such saviour. Better than any Voltran or A535, etc. I’ve used. Works immediately, and is effective for a long time. Allows me to get comfortable and rest when that’s a struggle. It also relieves the inflammatory pain post-physio exercises.
Great products and fairly priced. I’ve now given them as gifts to family and friends who experience chronic pain. Will definitely buy again, on a regular basis.
I only with the spray came in larger bottles and the cannabis cream came in the massager bottle.