Kinetic Relief Tape

Kalaya Kinetics Relief Tape provides support without restricting range of motion. Medically designed, it helps to prevent and heighten awareness to negative or dangerous ranges of motion. 

Kinetic Relief Tape

For many therapists, kinesiology tape is a primary treatment option when treating chronic and acute injuries. When used properly, it can assist in pain relief, provide functional support, promote circulation and aid in reducing inflammation. Tammy Scott, RMT, explains why Kalaya Kinetic Relief Tape is an effective option for her patients:

Applying Kinetic Relief Tape

Kalaya Kinetic Relief Tape is pre-cut option that is easy to apply and offers multi-day symptom relief and support. Our team created application videos to demonstrate how to apply the pre-cut kinetic tape to the back, neck, shoulder, knee, elbow and wrist.

How to Apply:

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