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★ Customer Testimonials

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1862 reviews
Sore Knee Joints

Kalaya really helped relieve the pain and soreness.

hand cream

great stuff as it helped my dry hands almost immediately without feeling greasy at all,,,Ive order several so I have a tube wherever I go

The best pain cream ever!

This is the best cream for pain that I have ever used. The rollerball dispenser is manic to get it where you need it without getting any on your hands. Very powerful and effective part of my pain management program.
I will continue to purchase this cream until they make an even more effective product, if that is even possible.
Thank you for making this fabulous product.


not impressed no noticeable change

Best sanitizer ever!

Was so excited to try this because of the hyaluronic acid Ingredients. Most sanitizers do tend to dry out my hands and have a bad scent to it. This one is the total opposite. From that it is fragrance free so that I can use it at work as well around others. Tried it out for couple days and hands did not get dry! Was pleasantly surprised by this as all year long I’ve experienced a lot of drying after using any sanitizer! Highly recommend