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The History of KaLaya Pain Relief

From medical care to the #1 fastest-growing analgesic brand in Canada since 2019
 (source Nielsen)

Timeline of events

Founders Meet

While opening one of Canada’s first Urgent Care Centres in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Dr. Keith Burk meets compounding pharmacist Phil Hudson, BPharm.

Beechwood Opens
& Research Begins

Dr. Burk and Mr. Hudson open the private family practice, Beechwood Health & Wellness Medical Centre. With several patients suffering from arthritis and no effective over-the-counter pain-blocking products, they began developing a drug-free formula with natural active ingredients that more effectively blocked pain and restored their patients’ quality of life.

The First Pain Relief Formula

Seeing the clinical success of providing their patients in pain with the natural prescription formula, Dr. Burk and Mr. Hudson decide to bring their pain relief cream to the market, making it publicly available under the brand name KaLaya.

National Launch Across Canada

After years of using KaLaya as a patient, Juston Sharratt joins the team and expands the availability of the KaLaya Pain Relief Cream across Canada.

Innovation of Massager Applicator

The medical team at KaLaya collaborates with a network of Registered Massage Therapists to design a hands-free applicator with enhanced pain-relieving benefits. The applicator delivers KaLaya’s pain relief formula while working with the striations of the muscles to provide deep tissue relief.

New & Improved Extra Strength Formula

Dr. Burk and Mr. Hudson introduce arnica as the pain relief formula's 6th natural active ingredient. Arnica helps to reduce inflammation for those suffering from arthritis pain, joint pain, and other chronic and acute pain conditions.

Introducing Cannabis
Sativa Seed Oil

The medical team at KaLaya successfully infuses the Extra Strength Pain Relief formula with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega 3’s are known for their inflammatory-reducing properties.

Amazon’s Choice in Pain Relief

The KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream becomes Amazon’s choice for joint & muscle pain relief in Canada, rated 4.5 stars by over 3,200 consumer reviews.

KaLaya Launches in the USA

After years of development across Canada, the team at KaLaya decides to bring their innovation to those suffering from pain across the USA. The brand launches on Amazon.com in addition to its e-commerce platform (KaLayaHealth.com) and secures listings on the shelves of Sprouts Farmers Market.

Innovation & Global Growth

The medical team at KaLaya continues to innovate and research new ways of delivering pain relief to consumers. The team establishes a partnership with Flora Growth Corp., to further advance research capabilities and new product innovations to expand the availability of KaLaya products worldwide.


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