The History of Kalaya Pain Relief

From the innovation of Urgent Care to the #1 fastest growing analgesic brand in Canada, since 2019
 (source Nielsen)

Timeline of events

Founders Meet

While opening one of Canada’s first Urgent Care Centres in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Dr. Keith Burk, M.D. meets compounding pharmacist Phil Hudson, BPharm.

Beechwood Opens & Research Begins

Our founders leave the Urgent Care Centre to open the Beechwood Health & Wellness Medical Clinic & Pharmacy.They begin researching what would soon become the best relief you can get without a prescription.

The First Pain Relief Formula

3 years of research & testing yields something extraordinary: a unique cream innovation that keeps multiple pain-relieving ingredients stable until they are applied to the skin, penetrating deeply to provide fast acting, long lasting pain relief on the first application. The Ultimate Pain Rub Relief is developed.

New Partner & National Launch

Fascinated by this revolution in pain relief technology, Juston Sharratt (Partner) leaves the pharmaceutical industry to realize the potential of Kalaya. Striving to reach those in pain to improve their quality of life, he debuts the brand on The Shopping Channel. The Kalaya Ultimate Pain Rub enjoys immediate success as consumers across Canada call in to rave about how they can manage their lives again, pain-free.

Introducing the Kalaya Roller Relief Massager

Kalaya invents a novel delivery system in consultation with Registered Massager Therapists to provide a hands-free application that adds the therapeutic benefit of a self-controlled massage!

Relief Becomes Extra Strength

Arnica becomes the 6th active ingredient in the Kalaya pain relief cream, making the formula Extra Strength for maximum benefit (that includes Arthritis sufferers). The Ultimate Pain Rub Relief becomes the Kalaya 6X Extra Strength Pain Relief.

Introducing Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

The medical team at Kalaya successfully infuses the Kalaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief formula with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil sourced from Canada.

Amazon’s Choice in Pain Relief

The Kalaya 6X Extra Strength Pain Relief cream secures the Amazon Choice for joint & muscle pain relief in Canada. Since 2020, Amazon still recommends this product as the best match for shoppers looking for relief.

Kalaya Crosses Borders

Increasing Kalaya’s US and international presence with bricks & mortar launches in addition to Amazon.com and KalayaHealth.com, Kalaya commits to making quality pain relief accessible for pain sufferers across the US.

New Product Innovation & Global Accessibility

Avaria Health & Beauty, as the makers of Kalaya, received many inquiries on formulating topical cannabis products due to our medical expertise. We are proud to partner with Flora Growth Corp. to provide unparalleled relief, now inclusive of cannabis derivatives and available for pain sufferers across North-, South- and Latin America.


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