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Showstopper: Classic + New Innovation Pain Relief Bundle

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2 x 6X Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream (120g Each)
2 x Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica (80mL Each)

Individual Value: $87.95

Showstopper Price: $49.00*

*That is almost like getting the two 6x Pain Relief Cream 120g tubes for free with this value!

Blockbuster: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Pain Relief Spray Trio

Purchase Code:
3 x Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (60mL)

Now with our new airless pump, you can apply the spray from any angle (even upside down)!

Individual Value: $57.00

Blockbuster Price: $39.00*

*That is almost like getting one Pain Relief Spray bottle for free with this value!


Special Spring Duo Bundle

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2 x Peppermint Fusion Foot Treatment Cream (100mL)

Individual Value: $29.98

TSC Promo Price: $22.00


One of the Partners at Kalaya, Juston Sharratt, will be Guest Hosting the show and sharing his expansive knowledge of Kalaya health and wellness products with you.

Visit TSC.ca to explore more great savings on your favorite KaLaya products!

Product Testimonials

Showstopper: Classic + New Innovation Pain Relief Bundle

"I really like the foam application of this product! The foam dispenses so easily and absorbs quite quickly, great for anyone with arthritic hands. I also think the arnica helps with healing bruises quicker and pain seems to be eased faster. I love your pain relief products and have been using them for a few years now and highly recommend them to all my friends and family!”
 – Sharon Cooper (Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica)

 "Love the “Pain Relief Foam/Mousse with ARNICA. It works its magic fast and lasts a long time even though you only need to use a small amount. I’m still in love with all the other pain relief creams and now have added the Arnica Foam/Mousse to my regular pain management routine. Thank you Kalaya!!"
– Moore Rosemary (Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica)

"Best Cream. Our entire family loves this cream. Lots of arthritis, knee, shoulder, hand and back aches …. get treated with this Kalaya pain cream. Have been using this for many years!"
– Elie (6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream)


Blockbuster: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Pain Relief Spray Trio

"Very handy for pain relief. I find this little item to be extremely handy for a quick relief of pain especially in my neck when I am working on the computer. I definitely recommend it for others to use.”
– Gail Paulics (Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray with CSSO)

"I've had arthritis pain in my right hip that is so bad i can barely sit, stand or even sleep more than 4 hours at a time - this is by far the best topical (spray, not lotion, which makes it easier to apply with fingers) medical spray ... it penetrates deep and fast!!"
– Jenn Soucy (Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray with CSSO)

Special Spring Duo: Peppermint Fusion Foot Cream

"Pure Magic. It’s amazing. My feet were in such rough shape and the various foot creams l tried did not help at all. From the first-time l used this one the results were immediate. What a difference, I couldn’t believe it. I will never be without it now, it’s the best foot cream without a doubt."
– Meg D. (Peppermint Fusion Foot Cream)

"To say I like this cream would be a lie, I love it! What an amazing product! I work in the medical field and am on my feet nonstop, I suffer from severely cracked heels. After the second application the magic happened, my feet started to heal. Now I can walk without the pain and ugliness of cracked heels. Thank you again for another amazing product!" 
– Monica Armstrong (Peppermint Fusion Foot Cream)


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