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Showstopper: KaLaya 16th Anniversary Bundle

Purchase Code: 239796
4 x KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream (120g Each)
2 x KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief with Massager (120g Each)
1 x KaLaya Restoring Wonder Salve Skin Aid & Lip Balm (22g)
1 x KaLaya SUPERSIZE Rich Moisture Cream (225g)

Individual Value: $196.19

Showstopper Price: $69.50

Blockbuster: NEW KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica Duo

60 Day Supply

Purchase Code: 239797

2 x KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica (80mL Each)

Individual Value: $48.00

Blockbuster Price: $38.00


KaLaya Vegan Blueberry Active Relaxation Gummies Duo
(60 Day Supply)

60 Day Supply

Purchase Code: 234896
2 x KaLaya Vegan Blueberry Active Relaxation Gummies (60 Gummies Each)

Individual Value: $98.00

TSC Promo Price: $78.00


One of the Partners at Kalaya, Juston Sharratt, will be Guest Hosting the show and sharing his expansive knowledge of Kalaya health and wellness products with you.

Visit TSC.ca to explore more great savings on your favorite KaLaya products!

Visit TSC to see more great savings on your favorite KaLaya prodcuts!

Product Testimonials

Showstopper: KaLaya 16th Anniversary Bundle

"I only use this product now. Especially fond of the roller applications. Can use anywhere on my body without needing someone to help me. Thanks. This product is a life savor for my pain control.”
– Susie, TSC Customer

"I couldn't live without Kalaya pain relief lotion. Severe arthritis causes swollen painful joints and muscles. I use massage applicator and pain subsides within minutes. Strongly recommend. Don't waste money on other products."
– Linda Sauder, KaLaya Customer


Blockbuster: NEW KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica

"I really like the foam application of this product! The foam dispenses so easily and absorbs quite quickly, great for anyone with arthritic hands. I also think the arnica helps with healing bruises quicker and pain seems to be eased faster. I love your pain relief products and have been using them for a few years now and highly recommend them to all my friends and family!”
– Sharon Cooper, KaLaya Customer

"Love the “Pain Relief Foam/Mousse with ARNICA. It works its magic fast and lasts a long time even though you only need to use a small amount. I’m still in love with all the other pain relief creams and now have added the Arnica Foam/Mousse to my regular pain management routine. Thank you Kalaya!!"
– Moore Rosemary, KaLaya Customer

KaLaya Vegan Blueberry Active Relaxation Gummies

"I've been taking one every night since I purchased them and quickly drift off to sleep with no leg spasms. These are wonderful for me. I've tried so many things to fall asleep, stay asleep and fall back asleep if something wakes me."
– CBB, KaLaya Customer

"So far so good. Love the taste. Worked from the first day. Glad to be able to take something natural that works."
– Barb Browne, KaLaya Customer


KaLaya Winter Essential Kit

"Very nice working & feeling hand cream. It is soothing and emollient and keeps the crepiness at bay. Nice to have a break from fragrance too, it just nourishes the skin and helps keep it smooth and young looking. Better than other brands on TSC and on par with the Tweaked Rescue Creams which I also use and which work wonderfully too"
- Karena, TSC Customer

Kalaya Omega Lotion
Kalaya 7X

Kalaya Pain Relief Spray on-the-go DUO (ADP)

"My right hip is usually in constant pain. Since using this spray, I am feeling relieve and am sleeping better. Even my husband notices I am sleeping better. I spray the hip area before going to bed. It does get hot but not hot enough where you feel that you need to run and wipe off. There is also a menthol smell that eventually goes away. I'm at the point now where I only use the spray when my hip pain has flared up. My husband has now started using the spray on his lower back at night and he is feeling a relief as well. So glad I tried this product."
-JME, TSC Customer

Kalaya Vitamin C & Hyluronic Acid Concentrate DUO

"I really like this Vitamin C serum as it keeps my skin looking very dewy and clear. I have been using this particular serum for as long as Kalaya has been making it(maybe 4 years or so).???? It is a regular part of my morning routine and hope It will always be available as I wont go a day without this one. Thank you Kalaya and TSC for bringing great products to us!!!"
- Sharon, TSC Customer

Kalaya Omega Lotion

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