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Join the 7x Challenge


Sore joints? Stiff muscles? Is it holding you back from your New Year's Resolution of activity?

Sounds like you need to join the 7x Challenge and make a change!



The team of KaLaya loves & trusts the 7x Joint & Muscle Anti-Inflammatory Relief Supplement, but sometimes we forget to take in for a day or two... and we feel the difference! Now we're challenging each other to stay on our routines and hit our fitness goals. And we're inviting YOU to join us!


The Rules?

  1. Take 1 - 2 capsules daily of 7x Joint & Muscle for the month of January
  2. Get started on your New Year's activity goals (hitting the gym? walking the dog more? playing with the kids?)
  3. Feel the difference building every day


Why does 7x Joint & Muscle work so well? It's the ingredients! Learn more here.

Order your bottle by December 21 to receive it by January!


The perks?

  • Tag us in your Instagram REEL or TikTok for a chance to be re-posted and WIN a $50 Gift Card! (Our handle is @KaLayaHealth)
  • Take a quick survey at the end of the month to reflect on your experience and we will reward you with a discount code for more! (We will email you the survey!)


Do you have joint pain? Are you taking the 7x Challenge? Share your thoughts and journey in the comment section below! 


Terms & Conditions
The 7x Challenge runs from January 1 2023 to January 31 2023. Customers subscribed to the 7x Subscription bundle do not qualify for additional discount code.
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  • user anonymous

    I have been a customer of Kalaya for a number of years now…..using the Pain Relief 6x Rub….which I swear by. I am also taking the Joint Support 7x which I Subscribe to and Save. Very satisfied with both products.

  • user anonymous

    I have been using your Joint Support produce for the last six months. I was having problems with stiffens in my knee’s as I am a biker that rides about 40K/day. I was having knee problems ie. stiffens, so I purchases your produced from TSC and noticed a big difference within a week, I am also a skier and skiing can be very hard on the knee’s and body, So far this ski season I have little to no pain. I have purchased the cream and looking forward to applying your produce as well. With the one two combination I am hoping to be pain free for years to come to enjoy me grandkids and sports.

  • user anonymous

    I have been using your “joint & Muscle + your Kalaya Rub” for years and found it helpful, but I now 10 years later., I NEES a new knee. I do recommend your product to my friends because IT IS MADE IN CANADA and I personally have met Dr. Burke, and I respect him.
    Lynn Schock

  • user anonymous

    I live in Australia and visiting my family in Canada. I am due to have a shoulder replacement, and habe a lot of pain in my shoulder and arm. My daughter told me to try one of your products. So should took me to one of your stores and purchased a couple of your products, every night before I went to bed I would rub the cream on my shoulder and arm, I was so happy that I had know pain , that I made a order over $2900. On sale over the phone so that I could take the cream back to Australia with me, as I am unable to buy it in Australia, My girls have told me if I need any more they will send it to me. It really does work and happy that I can sleep at night pain free , it also last during the day towards the evening I might get a little pain. It’s marvelous

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