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Day cream

Very easy to apply...like how soft your face feels....

I returned Shipment as I did not order it

KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief With Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (60g) from our store KaLaya.

Exellent product for pain relief especially when purchasiing it with the Cannabis
Saliva Seed Oil!!

Excellent product…..have used cannabis one so wanted to see difference. I think I prefer the 6x pain and when i finish can I as one I’ll buy the6 x one. I get it in my local Metro store

Joint and muscle supplement

I've only been taking for a month. Not enough time to give a positive review.

Day and night cream

I am loving the day and night cream. It smells so fresh. It goes on so smooth. Makes my face feel soft. Glad I tried this.

Wonderful product

Thank you for such a wonderful product

KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica

Kalaya Hand Soap

Excellent hand soap that leaves the hands soft and smooth and no smell!!

Night cream

Very nice on the face.....nice smelling product....

KaLaya Wonder Salve 22g

Very pleased with the product. I am placing another order soon.

I absolutely love this product

I have it with me at all times wherever I go. This product gives me almost instant relief. Would highly recommend this product and any others as well.

Cannabis cream

I fund i have to use it every night and sometime during the day it could be due to I am 89 years old and my troubles id spinal stenosis, osteo arthritis floating rUkvinw that broke in a fall 68 years ago during a pregnancy I think I will stay with the spray as it appears to do a better job

Effective PAIN Relief

I just purchased the KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil 60mL from KaLaya. I have Fibromyalgia and get very sore neck, shoulder blades and lower back. It's very easy to use on your own and gets the formula exactly where you need it. I love the cooling effect and it really helps reduce my muscle spasms and pain. Only con is it smells like A535, so would love a scent free formula. But it works great! I bought 2 spray bottles so I could have one upstairs at my bedside and downstairs in livingroom side table drawer so it's always handy when I need it.


I had my doubts as to the power of this material to work as advertised but I apologize! It works as advertised and better! It will be in my cabinet from now on!

Wonder Salve

This salve is absolutely the best ! I am so happy
that it wasn’t runny , just perfect. I will be ordering
more. Thank you KaLaya for such great products. 😊

I love the Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid.

It helps keep my nails strong. I always keep some on hand.

5 star

I purchased the product for my parents and their feedback so far was very positive, confirming that the quality of the products is very good and helpful .

This product helped sooth severe hives

I had been to the emergency room where I was prescribed an expensive antihistamine. I went to a clinic appointment with my family doctor. The antihistamine did not help but the KaLaya sample provided relief and convinced me that this was the product to use. I hope others who are suffering from extreme hives try Kalaya.

Great Product

Easy to use, long lasting, fresheners your mouth. Really happy with it.

great product..

I love this product it takes the edge off the pain, but I only use when needed...I have good days and bad days. I am on a budget ..I will purchase again when the bottle/tube is finished.. unfortunately the formula/ creamy lotion kinda comes out to fast on the ball bearings.. I do prefer to message it deep into my muscles with my hands.
sincerely Ricki

Great product

Malaya is a wonderful pain reliever.

So far, so good. No complaints.

Works well.