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★ Customer Testimonials

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401 reviews
Soft feeling

I tried this hand cream and really liked it. Had a great coconut smell to it and left my hands feeling moisturized and no oily residue left behind. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants relief from dry skin.
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Works awesome

I was totally surprised on how warm this got and relieved the pain/soreness. I tried it on my husband and he asked more then once for this product to be used on him. I found this to be better then your usual store brand stuff, it was effective, easy to use and long lasting. If your suffering from soreness and needing relief this is the product for you.
#trywithtopbox #free product #freesample

Breath of fresh air

I tried this product, I was impressed with how it tasted and never left a burning sensation in the mouth after use. Being a smoker, it left my mouth feeling fresh longer then my original mouth wash. I would recommend this to anyone that does not want the powerful mouthwash but still feel good afterwards. #trywithtopbox #free product #freesample

Great product

It feels very nice on dry hands, especially during the cold, dry winter months when your hands may be cracking at times. It goes on creamy but quickly absorbs and I was left with soft (not oily) hands. The fragrance is geat, strong enough to make you smile, subtle enough not to overload your senses.

I received this product from Topbox Circle for review purposes. All opinions are my own. #trywithtopbox #free product #freesample

It works!

It is a white thick cream that rubs on clear and isn’t greasy, sticky, or staining; it is quick absorbing. Within a minute you feel the cooling effect that relieves any achiness and discomfort. It does smell like menthol but it isn't too overpowering.

I received this product from Topbox Circle for review purposes. All opinions are my own. #trywithtopbox #free product #freesample