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Kalaya is a medically directed, proudly Canadian, health, beauty and personal care brand that uses problem-solution based formulations.

Providing solutions and therapies for a wide range of skin and body care issues, Kalaya products are extensively researched, tested and proven. From topical pain relief to anti-aging therapies, each Kalaya product is medically designed to provide treatment and relief to specific skin and body issues. Kalaya is owned and operated by Avaria Health and Beauty Corp, one of the most technologically advanced, efficacy based, natural health and beauty product manufacturers.

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Our Formulations

Kalaya products target specific skin and body issues, providing unbelievable results. With careful analysis, research, and development by our medical team, each Kalaya product is medically designed to provide treatment and relief to common skin and body issues that Canadians face on a daily basis.

Kalaya products are safe and natural formulations, researched and tested extensively to ensure maximum efficacy. We believe that nature offers an abundance of safe and effective alternatives to many standard chemical-based skin and body therapies, so we ensure that all of our products are paraben-free, sulphate-free, and never tested on animals.

Our Medical Team

As a medically directed brand, Kalaya maintains the highest standards for quality and efficacy. Through the leadership of Dr. Keith Burk M.D. and Phil Hudson BPharm, Kalaya’s dedicated team of professionals continually strives to bring you the best that science and nature has to offer.

Proudly Canadian

Kalaya is a 100% Canadian brand. Research, development and manufacturing takes place in Cambridge, Ontario. Our founders, a Canadian Physician and Pharmacist, have developed our products specifically to meet Canadians’ needs. We know that Kalaya’s a brand that Canadians love and trust.

Mission & Vision


To develop the best products that science and nature has to offer.


To be a leading authority and trusted source for innovative and effective health, wellness and personal care products.


Years Experience


Money Back Guarantee




Happy Customers

Kalaya Values


We are honest, transparent and ethical. We use the most natural ingredients available to us without compromising on the efficacy of our formulations.


We strive to develop the best products that science and nature has to offer by innovating our processes and constantly improving our formulations.


We hold ourselves accountable for the products that we develop. All Kalaya products uphold a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


We focus on constant innovation and creativity. Our team continually strives to advance our brand in all markets.


We have respect for our customers and for the environment. Our products are always free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates and we never test on animals.


We build trust through products that exceed expectations and deliver results.

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★ Customer Testimonials

We Let Our Customers Speak For Us

302 reviews
Formula sadly changed to increase the palm oil

Palm oil plantations are created by tearing or burning down rainforests and displacing/killing all the wildlife that live there. There is ‘sustainable’ palm oil, but there are doubts that is even a real thing. It is hard to find products without palm oil (aka sulfates, stearic acid/stearates, palmitates, glycerin, etc.) but I try to avoid them. It is appalling that this company is changing its formulations to increase the palm oil content. Either they want to make the products ‘vegan’ or they are trying to increase profits by using cheap, garbage ingredients produced with no regulations in Asia. I have been a regular customer but you have lost me, and my sister, and my Mom...and anyone else I can convince.

Happy customer

Very effective, strong scent

Kalaya 6X Extra Strength Pain Relief Massager

Great product

I have been taking the Joint and Muscle supplement for almost 2 months now. I don't think it is my imagination but my legs and hips feel better with less pain. I hope this product is never discontinued.