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1636 reviews
Such an improvement

My skin tends to be on the dry and flaky side in the winter. Since using this only a month ago I have not had the winter skin in used too. Instead my skin is hydrated and soft - great product!

Kalaya Kinetics Relief Tape - Foot

This tape is AMAZING! I have pain on the top of my foot and when I put this tape on, the pain is gone. I use the tape for several days. When I took it off, I tried going without it and my foot hurt. I am going to try the back tape for my sister and the shoulder one for my nephew. I highly recommend the foot tape and will let you know about the others once they try them.

Kalaya extra strength PAIN RELIEF 6X Active Relief

Having fallen and injured my back, a friend recommended this product to relieve the severe pain I was experiencing. My husband rubbed it on my back twice daily for a week and then reduced to once a day. The tightness in my back muscles eased along with the pain. Within two weeks, I was moving freely much to my relief. I highly recommend this product.

Bought this great cream and it works awesome. My back went out and put this on and worked great. Thankyou so much.