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Kalaya Breath Refresh Oral Rinse: mouthwash can kill COVID

Mouthwash containing CPC can kill coronavirus within 30 seconds of being exposed to it in a lab, a scientific study indicates - read more below or the full article from the BBC.

"Mouthwash can kill coronavirus"

In a recent article from the BBC, it was reported that "Scientists at Cardiff University found there were "promising signs" that over-the-counter mouthwashes may help to destroy the virus.

The report comes ahead of a clinical trial on Covid-19 on patients at the University Hospital of Wales.

Docotrs at the university said that the study could lead to mouthwash becoming an important part of people's routines. Dr Claydon, a specialist periodontologist, said: "If these positive results are reflected in Cardiff University's clinical trial, CPC-based mouthwashes... could become an important addition to people's routine, together with hand washing, physical distancing and wearing masks, both now and in the future."

The university report states that mouthwashes containing at least 0.07% cetypyridinium chloride (CPC), such as the Kalaya Breath Refresh Oral Rinse, showed "promising signs" of being able to eradicate the virus when exposed to the virus in a lab." 

Dry Mouth

In addition to promoting oral hygiene, the Kalaya Breath Refresh Oral Rinse provides immediate and lasting relief of dry mouth. 

Dry mouth is a common condition that causes your mouth to feel uncomfortably dry. Common symptoms include a dry feeling in the mouth and/or throat, frequent thirst, chapped lips and problems tasting, chewing or swallowing. Dry mouth can occur when your body does not produce enough saliva to keep your mouth moist. It can be a side effect of many medications, or may be caused by an underlying medical condition, dry climate or aging.

The Kalaya Breath Refresh Oral Rinse helps to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth by moisturizing the mouth and promoting oral hygiene. 

Our Formulation

Unlike other mouthwashes or oral rinses, the Breath Refresh Oral Rinse is alcohol and irritation free. Alcohol is drying on the mouth, which can further contribute to the uncomfortable symptoms associated dry mouth. Our formulation uses CPC, which has now shown "promising signs" of being able to eradicate the coronavirus in the lab.

Our team also worked hard on creating a great taste. The Oral Rinse comes in a refreshing peppermint flavor, to keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh all day.

Breath Refresh Dental Flossers 

In addition to our Oral Rinse, our Medical Team developed two products to further promote oral hygiene and reduce bad breath, our Breath Refresh Dental Flossers and our Breath Refresh Tongue Cleaner.

Breath Refresh Dental Flossers

Kalaya Triple Effect Dual-Head Dental Flossers aid in the removal of food particles and bacteria from between the teeth. This helps to reduce bad breath and the factors that cause bad breath, for a whiter and brighter smile. Our Dual-Head Flossers have 3X the cleaning action of a single line flosser.

Breath Refresh Tongue Cleaner

Recommended by dental professionals to aid the removal of bacteria and food particles that are on the surface of the tongue. The Kalaya Tongue Cleaner helps to reduce bad breath and promotes oral hygiene by removing 75% more bacteria than brushing the tongue with a toothbrush.


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