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KaLaya 7x Joint & Muscle Anti-Inflammatory

They really help my husband

Very pleased

Used the pain relief for many years now. Very happy with the results. Within minutes there is relief which lasts quite a while. I highly recommend the pain products.

KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil 60mL

KaLaya Moisture Cream 120g

Love Kalaya

I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, this is the best pain reliever ever. I also take the joint pain pills and would highly recommend to everyone

Fast acting

Effective pain relief, penetrates fast and dries fast

KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream

KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Massager

Great product

I like to keep on hand in the winter when I need it. Great product


They work very effectively 👍
I’m very happy, I have suggested this product to friends and family that have issues with sleeping 💤

KaLaya Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate 30ml
Debbie Fowler
Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid.

I like the product. It has a nice smell. I find it’s a bit sticky though at first, but absorbs nicely.


The pain in my hands is virtually gone since using this amazing product

KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Massager

KaLaya Wonder Salve (Old Glass Jar Packaging)-22g
Kimberley Beattie

I love this on my lips ..I love of Kalaya products. I bought a total of 16 of this little jars. They are not only good on ur lips but if burn yourself, you can use it to Soothe your skin if I love it, Everyone is getting it for xmas !

The best

This mouthwash by Kalaya is the best. No burning, refreshing and great for
Dry mouth. This is the Only one I use. Excellent product.

KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil 60g

I like the product but I don't need anymore for awhile.
I will let you know. I prefer the larger tubes of the regular

[Pack of 5] KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief With Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (60g) - Subscribe & Save 20%

KaLaya Green Coffee Bean Extract & Vitamin B6
Ursula Cosford
The best weight loss product

Kalaya green coffee bean extract with vitamin B6 is the best product for
Weight loss. No side effects and works well. Disappointing that Kalaya is
Discontinuing the product. Hope Kalaya develops a more advanced version

KaLaya Nourishing Bar Soap 100g

Kalaya purchase

I use fhese products all the time and and love that its made in Canada. Really like when you have a sale.Nothing can repair my leg problem but the cream gives some relief

Worked well

Worked well

Love this product .

Got a neighbour , my daughter and her husband in BC , my other daughter and my sister& her husband all using and repurchasing it in the last month . Everyone got results , I know they have told others as well . Word of mouth is the best advertiser .

Great product

I've tried all kinds of pain relief creams and this works amazing for me. I had heel pain that made it difficult to walk normally but this worked to help alleviate the pain almost immediately. I apply it twice a day. My husband says it smells bad like horse liniment but I don't care, some of the best old fashioned remedies didn't smell the best either but they certainly worked and so does this.