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KaLaya 7x Joint & Muscle Anti-Inflammatory Support - Subscribe & Save Up to 25%

Wonderful product no pain

Very Good Product

Have you considered using Indica rather than sativa? Indica is far more effective for those with chronic pain! I find your product works very good on relieving the pain I have in my hand, I broke three fingers on my right hand about 15 years ago and have arthritis now. I also have neuropathy in my feet from chemo 7 years ago, the relief I get for that pain is smoking Indica strains.

great product

fast pain relief at a great price. Will continue to use this cream!

Good product will reorder

The spray is very easy to apply works to numb the pain in my knees fromOA. The only downside is the very strong smell, and due to scent free work place, can’t use during the day

Best pain reliever ever!

I have never used anything as great as Kalaya ever. It relieves my knee pain in a matter of minutes

KaLaya Cooling Pain Relief Spray for Back & Neck, Extra Strength

Excellent product

I've been taking this product for a few weeks and have noticed a significant change in my knees. If I don't take it for a few days I notice the pain and swelling, so I KNOW THIS PRODUCT WORKS!


I was sceptical at first but was more than presently surprised after applying the cream for serious back pain because I s as l most instantly felt relief !
I have given 2 tubes away because of how effectively the cream works.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product 🙂

KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Massager

it is really good, like it the best

It works!! 👍

Helps with my pain, and I like the smell, too.

Amazing shampoo

Great shampoo we both love it


I love this product . I especially like the packaging. I’m not a fan of squirty tops. They clog . Much prefer tubes.

This is being given as a gift

My wife is an early child care educator and washes her hands constantly throughout each and everyday to the point her hands become raw and so we have tried many hand cremes so I am hoping this will be a saviour to her this winter. Perfect stocking stuffer!

How do you spell relief? Kalaya!

Been a Kalaya fan for a couple of years-family and friends are also on board. (Ages 27-70). Easy and effective pain relief (knees, back, shoulder, ankles) and the product does not eat into my liver or kidneys. We love the spray and the 7X pain relief turmeric capsules daily. So much more effective than traditional analgesics.


wonderful pain relief !

Like this product intimate lube

Excellent of many I’ve tried

Day cream

Love this cream it feels great on the face and neck and there is very noticeable differences in the skin softness and tightness of my face. I have recommended this to some of my friends who I hope have ordered it.

KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Massager

I love this product. Being able to massage the cream on is so relieving.
Thank you 😊


Excellent product. I recommended it to so many people.Love it.I been using it for lots of years.Kalaya with Canabis oil is very good too.

Kalaya 7x

Well I think I need more time for a review on the Kalaya 7x still feeling joint pain the same as before. I have tried many of your products & I’m in love with them all, I think more time for me for a review.

Great stuff. Roll-on application would be nice.

This product works very well. I would like to be able to use a roll-on applicator to avoid getting it on my hands when applying it to my knees.

Intimate lubricant

This product works better than other equal products. It has more body and lasts longer. Other products could sting slightly but this doesn't.