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I have really apprecitated your product and find the cream works better than any oral products I was using to bring some relief.

Kalaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil 60mL

Kalaya Skin salve

I purchased the skin salve about a month ago and using it on my cheek where I had picked over and over and extremely irritated and dry. Once I put the salve on, it helps keep the area moist even overnight to promote healing . It works !

Haven’t had the chance to use it yet

Best topical pain relief for me!

I use this all the time and have finally found relief for some of my tough painful areas that were not being relieved when I was using other products.

Excellent oral rinse

Kalaya’s oral rinse is amazing. I love the consistency, it feels like it “massages” my gums. It leaves fresh breath for hours. Very happy with this purchase! Highly recommend.

Kalaya 6X Extra Strength Pain Relief Massager

Kalaya Breath Refresh Tongue Cleaner
Corinne Depatie - Duncan
Excellent product

This cream relieved the pain in my legs and ankles.
I would definitely recommend to family and friends.
Thank you

I love it.

Pain Relief

We are very happy with this product. Bought for neck, shoulder and back pain - works so well!

Extra strength

Happy with the products the few times I have used them.

Kalaya Hand Cream 60mL
Debbie Horwood
Kalaya hand cream

Love this hand cream, it has a
really nice smell and I always keep a tube of it in my purse.

Great product !!

This is by far the best cream for all my pains !!...better than voltaren...and bonus ...this roll on applicator is genious !!...will be my go to ....5plus stars !!

The product is good but the container is defective. It will not click closed and therefore won’t stand.

Kalaya Hand Cream 60mL
Shirley Riede
Amazing product.

I have been using Kalaya products for years and the pain relief is the only one that takes my knee pain away almost instantly. Their hand cream and body creams are the best on the market.

Kalaya Skin Salve 45g
Moore Rosemary
Finally a good salve

Works well on abrasions and chapped skin. Heals quickly. Will definitely buy more and recommend it to family and friends

Kalaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray

I have been using this product for over a year and have arthritis in my lower back. I find this is the best product I have tried!

Pain Reliever.

I have arthritis and severed tendons in both shoulders and I find this product very helpful for pain relief. I just wish MSM was included in the ingredients.

Good Morning Lilian,

Thank you for your kind words!

I just wanted to let you know that MSM is included as a part of our 6X Active Ingredients. It is referred to as Methylsulfonylmethane on our packaging under the Active Ingredients.

I hope this is helpful for you. Thank you again!

Have a lovely day,
The KaLaya Team

Oral Rinse

Very pleasant taste and effective cleansing of mouth.


I love using this product on my hand, it keeps my hand soft


Not sticky, no odour and does the job well.

Kalaya Hand Soap w/ Hyaluronic Acid

This hand soap is really good stuff...it is of a thinner consistency than what I was expecting, but it works well and doesn't make your skin feel tight and dry like so many other products do.

Kalaya Rules

I have been using Kalaya products since before they became affiliated with Avaria and I can vouch for the fact that they are truly excellent products, including the newer Kalaya Cannibis Sativa Seed Oil Night Cream.

I am so proud of this Canadian home-grown company and all they have to offer.