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Did NOT receive order

I did not receive the above mentioned order at this time. July 23/24

Pain relief

Product has helped with pain relief from replacement knee surgery and some help with neuropathy pain and numbness.

[Pack of 5] KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (60g)

Emu need new dispenser

Both 2 bottles too much waste. Doesn’t come out of the bottle easily. Lots left in, needs a different type of dispenser. Great product for your skin.

KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil 60g

The hand cream is woderful it sinks into ypu skin and makes it feel very soft

Kalaya Extra Strength

Product is the best on the market. Order processing and shipping was excellent

Love it

Great product!

Kalaya 6x Pain Relief 1 Litre

Over the last two years I have used the above mentioned product to help achieve pain relief from peripheral neuropathy. I was very pleased to dispose last winer it was available in a 1 litre dispenser and I no longer have to keep a stock of 120 gram tubes. Thank You.

Love this cream.

Everyone that I have told about this then orders it. I buy the 6x cream.

Life saver

I love this cream it really helps to alleviate my pain from athritis.

I did like the spray, but because of an recent injury, I still like the x6 creame.

I prefer the x6 Cream because of a recent injury.

KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream

Pain relief with cannabis sativa seed oil

Thank you for the sample but not sure if there was any difference between that and the 6x active cream that I always use

Fresher mouth

Easy to use and effective . For those days when you wake up with a coating on your tongue. Makes a big difference for your breath.

I loved it, but the smell really bothered me

Amazing miracle product

My mom suffers from very debilitating arthritis and has been using Kalaya products for relief for quite a few years. More recently she has discovered the foam and this is her new MUST HAVE favorite product. She finds the foam penetrates easily with less rubbing required and she uses it every night. She recently ran out and was in a serious panic to get more. I have to say the team at Kalaya went above and beyond to prioritize the delivery of her Kalaya pain relief foam.

Our family uses the Kalaya pain relief and many of the other Kalaya products as well. I cannot recommend this company enough.

Amazing product!

I am a return customer! Instant and lasting pain relief!

Great product!

This stuff works! I have tried other topical products but have never felt as if they worked. Kalaya works!

Aaamazing!! 🫶

If you haven’t tried the night cream, what are you waiting for?! Instant hydration and feels so good!! I love all KaLaya Creams! Light and wonderful!!

KaLaya 7x Joint & Muscle Anti-Inflammatory Support

I have been using your product for over three years with terrific success. Previous to that I suffered with severe artheritus pain in my right ankle for many years (brought on because of loss of cartilige in the joint). Great relief! Thanks!


The VERY BEST I’ve ever used!

KaLaya Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid 1L