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Kalaya 6X cream and spray

They work very well even when other things didn't.

Eye gel

I like it very much.

Absolutely love this hand cream

Very creamy and delightfully scented.

Hip relief!

Have tried using the Joint & muscle support for about 3 weeks now. It is a bit early to evaluate, but I am sure my hip pain has been lessened & I have more flexibility in my knees. Feeling good about my decision.

Thomas S Bentley

Good Morning - Is review title my name - if not let me know.
The cream has helped with the pain in my right leg.
While doing my morning walk in Dec, slipped on the ice and broke the upper bone in the right leg in 3 places.

My wife had both knees replaced anf it helps with the pain in both knees

Thomas S Bentley

Pain is Gone

I just use it for some joint pain and it really helps a lot while continue working.

Very effective

Relieves the pain effectively

Excellent products

Very satisfied with these products they work very well. It is helping me with my pain.

Daily luxury

Having had a lot of whiplash and trauma on my neck and shoulders over the years, this stuff is so great. It feels great on, right away, to help me to fall sleep, makes my skin feel so healthy, and has great cumulative effects for my muscles, joints or bruises! Buying it for years, can’t see why I’d stop.

KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream

What a Relief

This cream has provided more relief than years of physio and prescription pain medications. Highly recommend this product.

Great product

Love the product have been using it for a long time

Relieves arthritic pain

I use both the capsules and the skin rub, and both are very beneficial


The KaLaya extra strength cream works very well on my husband's back. This cream has provided relief where nothing else has worked.

KaLaya Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Eye Gel 15mL

KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Spray with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil 60mL

Love the eye gel

Got rid of the bags under my eyes


Very good product. It relieved the pain for about 4 hrs extremely well. I use it twice a day which makes it so much easier to get through the day. I will likely order the three part the next time as I am very satisfied with its help. Gerald Bull

6x Pain Relief

Feels very soothing when I apply it and seems to work

Please unsubscribed this product!! Yes I like your product but don’t use it that much! So please unsubscribe. I will order more on my terms!!

KaLaya 6x cream

I have suffered with back and neck pain for many years. This cream is the best by far….and I have tried many…. to give me some relief from the nagging aches and spasms I have on a daily basis. I have recommended it to all my friends.

very good product - relieves arthritic shoulder pain

it the best pain relief rub I have ever used

This is the best pain relief rub I have ever used, I tell everyone I know about it or give them one of my tubes.

KaLaya Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica

Amazing Massage Results

The KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Massager has worked wonders for me in relieving the pain I experience from severe arthritis in my spine, hips, knees and ankles. Before finding it, because of the pain I was managing to sleep in only 15 - 20 minute stretches. I now sleep through the night! My only complaint is the strong "medicine-y" scent, but given the results, I'll keep on using it.