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Is your hand sanitizer actually making you sick? How to find out!

Technical-grade, gluten alcohol is a growing problem for many people

Have you been suffering from the quality of your hand sanitizer? You’re not alone! We've received a lot of questions about our formulation and have broken down the most important information you need below.

If you are one of the many people concerned about what is in your hand sanitizer, watch our video or keep reading to learn about the most important things to look for in your hand sanitizer to stay safe.

What to look for in your hand sanitizer


The Kalaya Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid is a 100% Canadian, gluten-free formulation designed by medical professionals. Formulated with 70% USP-grade ethyl alcohol and enhanced with hyaluronic acid, it hydrates hands and prevents dry skin. 


Type of Alcohol

Technical-Grade vs. USP-Grade 

The grade of alcohol being applied to your skin can make a huge difference, which is why, as a medically directed company, even during the height of the pandemic, we promised to never use technical-grade alcohol in our hand sanitizer. We use 70% USP-grade ethyl alcohol, sourced from a Canadian supplier, close to our manufacturing site in Ontario.

USP-grade ethyl alcohol is medical grade and is used by hospitals. It is both the safest type of alcohol and highest quality option for your skin.

Gluten-Free Alcohol

In developing our formulation, it was important to our team at Kalaya, that our hand sanitizer was safe for everyone to use. There has been a rise in people suffering with gluten allergies having reactions to sanitizers that use alcohol derived from wheat. The USP-grade ethyl alcohol that we use in the Kalaya Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid is certified gluten-free from a local supplier.


It is widely known that many hand sanitizers currently available have high levels of Benzene, a cancer-causing carcinogen, within their alcohol. Responsible brands, like Kalaya, only use safe USP medical-grade alcohol. Keep a look out for product recalls and published lists of brands identified with high levels of benzene. 

Alcohol Percentage

The Kalaya Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid is formulated with 70% USP-grade ethyl alcohol and is Health Canada licensed to kill harmful bacteria and germs.

As a society, we tend to think that more is better, but too much can actually be harmful when it comes to percentage of alcohol. The safe range is 65-80%, with 70% being the optimal amount for both safety and efficiency.

NPN or DIN Number

As a Health Canada-approved Hand Sanitizer, you can find us by searching our NPN: 80097766 on Health Canada's list of authorized hand sanitizers.

An NPN is provided by Health Canada for products that meet their requirements and legally authorizes each hand sanitizer to be sold in Canada. If you're not sure that the sanitizer you're using is licensed, find this number on the package and verify it online at Health Canada.

Support Canadian Made

Kalaya was founded by Canadian medical professionals Dr Keith Burk M.D. and Phil Husdon BPharm, and is located in Cambridge, Ontario. Our sanitizer is formulated, manufactured and distributed from our site in Cambridge and is made with USP-grade ethyl alcohol from a Canadian supplier.

Kalaya has been verified as an Ontario Made brand by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. To help consumers easily identify and support local businesses, Ontario Made is a database of companies verified to manufacture in Ontario. If you want to confirm whether a company or product is registered in Ontario, you can search the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters' approved list.

Always check the domicile (found on the back of the packaging, at the bottom of the label) for a Canadian manufacturing address or for “Made in Canada”. 

Prevent Irritation and Dry Skin

As increased sanitizing and hand washing can result in irritation, dry skin and even dermatitis, you also want to ensure that you are using products that moisturize your hands. 

That’s why the medical professionals at Kalaya designed our hand sanitizer with hyaluronic acid. An intensely hydrating ingredient, hyaluronic acid helps to replenish the moisture depleted from the alcohol. Unlike other sanitizers (which can strip the skin of natural oils), the Kalaya Hand Sanitizer is uniquely designed to gently cleanse and moisturize the skin. 

This has been a relief to many of the hospital nurses and doctors that we serve across Canada, who have been suffering from extremely dry skin and painful cracked hands, caused by their heavy use of soap and sanitizers.


If you are worried that your friends and family may be being affected by low-quality hand sanitizer, share this video with them so that they may have the tools to research their own products and make their own informed decisions.




What type of alcohol and percentage is used?

Kalaya uses 70% v/v (the optimial percentage) USP-grade (medical grade) ethyl alcohol in the Kalaya Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid. We are proud to provide only the highest quality of safety to the hospitals, health care providers, businesses, and consumers who we serve across Canada.


Is your alcohol gluten-free?

Yes, we are proud to provide gluten-free alcohol in the Kalaya Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Hylauronic Acid to help keep those with gluten sensitivity across Canada safe and well.


What is the NPN?

The NPN for the Kalaya Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid is 80097766. You can verify this at any time on the Health Canada website.


Where is your product made?

All of our products, including the Kalaya Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid, are developed, made, manufactured, and shipped from Cambridge, Ontario. We are not only proud to be a medically directed company with Dr. Keith Burk M.D. and Phil Hudson BPharm, but we are also proud to be an Ontario-Made, truly Canadian company.


What is hyaluronic acid and why is it in the product?

Hyaluronic Acid, also known as Hyaluronan, is an incredible moisturizing agent that is produced by your body naturally and is also included in anti-aging skincare products too. It holds 1000 times its weight in water and feels silk-smooth. It is not easy to formulate Hylauronic Acid into a hand sanitizer, but that is what we do best at Kalaya! The therapeutic level of Hyaluronic Acid in our Kalaya Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid helps to prevent dry skin from repeated hand-washing and sanitizing. That is why our product is demanded by nurses and essential workers across Canada.


Is there fragrance in the product?

No, there is no added fragrance to the Kalaya Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid, because we have nothing to hide.


Is your hand sanitizer safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, it is safe for sensitive skin as we are proud to provide the highest quality and optimal safety in the Kalaya Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid. With 70% v/v USP-grade ethyl, gluten-free alcohol and a therapeutic level of hyaluronic acid, our product is demanded by nurses and essential workers across Canada. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase on Kalaya.ca 

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